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Check out our church website to learn about our community, programs, outreach, and events, or connect with us through worship, Bible study, social events, and small groups. Join us in following Jesus and sharing His love with our community. Thank you for visiting, and we hope to meet you soon!

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Discover the Heart of our Faith: Exploring Our Church Community and Beliefs

Sharon Fellowship Church spreads Jesus’ love and serves our diverse community through spiritual and practical ministries. Join us for worship and grow in your relationship with Christ. All are welcome!

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Come join our welcoming and inspiring church service! Experience love, positivity and spiritual growth with our talented musicians and speakers. Regardless of your background, you will find value and leave feeling refreshed and inspired. Join our family today and worship together with joy!

Sunday Morning

Sunday School at 9:15.
Main service at 10.

Saturday Evening

Meeting begins at 7.


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We Believe

Holy Trinity

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Holy Bible

God ordained word

Spread the Gospel

The Great Commission

Living with God

Peace with you forever


Join us to discover God's love and grace.

Sharon Fellowship Church of Dallas offers engaging worship services, outreach programs, Bible studies, and a dedicated prayer ministry. Our goal is to nurture individuals’ faith journey and apply teachings from the Bible to daily life.